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EKI Intelligent Technology Offer High End QualityTurnstile Gates
EKI Intelligent Technology Offer High End QualityTurnstile Gates

Full Height Turnstile Manufacturers, Access Control Turnstile Gates

EKI Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2009. Since then, we are manufacturing the most innovative and advanced designs for Access Control Turnstile Gates, Ticket management systems, parking management systems, card and face identification systems, and much more. We are the one-stop service provider with many intellectual property rights products designed and developed by the professionals working in our company. We manufacture a range of exceptional products like speed gate turnstiles, road blockers/tire killers, tripod security gates, flap barrier turnstiles, hydraulic rising bollards, and many more.

Our company is the best Full Height Turnstile Manufacturers, and we use DC brushless motor which is fully automatic. Our quality 304 stainless steel gives the product more durability as delivering strong and effective products is our trademark. These full-height gates can carry up to 40 people per minute depending on the product dimensions you want to opt for and provide anti-climbing and anti-trailing facilities. There are multiple options available for the buyers, along with the OEM facilities. Our products are manufactured in a well-maintained and certified workstation which covers 6000 square meters of area.

Our Turnstile Gates are available in the latest designs, and our team of experts thoroughly inspects every product. We are honoured with many awards as we are providing exceptional services to the clients. In addition, our company is certified with CE, TUV, IEC, and ISO certification. We are the global leaders, manufacturers, and exporters covering 30% of the Southeast market, 10% of the European market, 20% of the Australian market, 20% of the Middle East market, and many more. On the other hand, we organize several exhibitions to display our product range so that customers can understand the product with a price range and share their requirements to get the items at their doorsteps. To get the more information about the products, then you can visit the company official website.

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