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Face Recognition

Access Control System Solution

Face Recognition-Access Control System Solution

Face recognition is a biometric technique based on human facial feature information, Good features that are not easy to replicate provide a necessary prerequisite for authentication,

Combining face recognition technology with access control system, face recognition is used as the key to access control, It not only eliminates the trouble of forgetting a key or card, but also saves money, f the personnel change does not need to change the door lock, key, IC card, etc., just need to re-register the face.



Solution for Amusement, Entertainment, theme park.

Education Institution

Solution for Campus, school, university safety access

Construction Site

Solution for Construction management entrance

Office Building

Solution for office building, commercial buildings

Airport Safety

Solution for Governments, Airport Building

Industrial Park

Solution for Industrial System

Visitor Management

Solution for Attraction park, tourist spot

Transportation Control

Solution for Train station, Metro ,Subway Station

Supermarket Sensor

Solution for Clubs, Gymnasium, Leisure Venues


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