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Intergration of Human Evidence

Check system solution

Intergration of Human Evidence--Check system solution

The solution of system is based on the autonomous core visible light face recognition algorithm (Deep Image V2.0), Combined with ID card recognition technology, Carry out two-way information comparison Identify whether the holder and the document are of the same identity, “the Integration of Man and Certificate” system, assist the certifying party to complete the automatic and rapid document inspection process. The purpose is to prevent counterfeiting, fraud and social stability and security on the basis of real name identity authentication, and to ensure the safety of people’s life and property.



Solution for Amusement, Entertainment, theme park.

Education Institution

Solution for Campus, school, university safety access

Construction Site

Solution for Construction management entrance

Office Building

Solution for office building, commercial buildings

Airport Safety

Solution for Governments, Airport Building

Industrial Park

Solution for Industrial System

Visitor Management

Solution for Attraction park, tourist spot

Transportation Control

Solution for Train station, Metro ,Subway Station

Supermarket Sensor

Solution for Clubs, Gymnasium, Leisure Venues


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