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License plate recognition system for parking lot
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Model No : EK-LPR-01

Gate Length: 6M ( Customizable )

Type : Complete Unit

Setting: Hardware + Software


Parking security system,

Management system of intelligent parking lot, License plate recognition

License plate recognition system, parking lot management system, It is a special computer vision system with specific targets as objects

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product description:

License Plate Recognition, LPR, Based on computer technology, image processing technology and fuzzy recognition, Identify vehicle characteristics, such as plates, models, colors, etc. It is a special computer vision system with specific targets as objects,

The license plate image can be extracted automatically from an image, and the characters can be segmented automatically, and then the characters can be recognized.

It uses advanced image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence technology to process the collected image information, and can automatically recognize the number of license plate in real time and accurately.

How does LPR car parking system works

1.At Entrance: A vehicle goes to in front of the entrance, just before the barrier. The camera automatically recognizes and records the number of plate ,date and time of entry at software ,. The entrance barrier rises allowing the driver access to the car park. The barrier falls down automatically once a vehicle passes.
2. At Exit
A vehicle stops at the exit, just before the barrier. The camera automatically recognizes the plate, then the software will be atomically account the parking fee and show on the LED display ,the driver paid the parking fee, The exit barrier rises, allowing the driver to leave the parking lot . The barrieralls down automatically once a vehicle passes .

product description:

1.BLD-U1000 license plate recognition and delivery server

using professional 1U industrial control chassis and power supply,

configuration mainstream dual-core CPU

can simultaneously complete up to 10 channels of video picture collection, license plate recognition, information storage, information reporting, fully meet the application needs of all kinds of parking lots,

stable performance, 24 hours of uninterrupted work, with power loss automatic restart function

2.The BLD-C200 vehicle information collector

Adopts the industry mature and high reliability special DSP scheme, combined with the super performance RTOS operating system, truly realizes the industrial grade MTBF (average fault interval time)

With abnormal automatic recovery function

With network interrupt automatic connection function

Provide multiple RJ-45 Ethernet ports, is convenient for the engineering implementation,

The installation is simple, can be installed directly

3.License plate recognition and submission software BLD-V9.5

Independent operation and collection of the system, There is no need for human intervention in the reporting process

Has the function of data tampering prevention, t avoids the problems of system security and real reliability of information caused by other parking application software systems.

4.Daytime recognition rate ≥ 96%, night recognition rate ≥ 90%,

Vehicle speed 0-100 km / h can be accurately identified,

License plate detection, short recognition time, no trigger, real-time capture, vehicle capture leakage rate < 3,

5.Image resolution of vehicle number plate close-up picture: 704 × 576

Motor vehicle number plate close-up image color: 24-bit true color,

Number plate information and picture preservation time: not less than three months

6.The timing can be synchronized with the time of the parking lot monitoring center system, and the information time can be strictly guaranteed to be true and accurate

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