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RFID access control mechan of flap barrier entrance system flap barrier turnstile


Model EK-Y351
Voltage AC 220V/110V±10%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Current 3A
Control circuit: DC24V
Power consumption 40W
Working temperature -25°C~ 70°C
Working humidity 0~95%RH
Protection grade IP54
Net weight 90kgs
Dimension 1400* 280* 1000mm

Features and functions:

  1. Alarm function
    If unauthorized cards read, optical turnstile will alarm. This can prevent unauthorized people from getting in while this can also prevent people inside from going outside without permission.
    2. Bi-direction and direction auto-realization
    Each passage can be used for going in and out. When anyone passing, optical turnstile will recoginze the direction.
    3. One card read, one passegner passing
    One card read and one passenger passing to avoid one passenger passing with two cards read.
    4. Quick Passing
    During peak time of on-work and off-work, auto-card-reading with two passages allows 150 times passing and card-punch-reading with two passages allows 120 times passing.
    5. Real-time Data Management
    Auto statistics, save real-time card reading records for time attendance management.




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