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Intergration of Human Evidence--Check system solution

The solution of system is based on the autonomous core visible light face recognition algorithm (Deep Image V2.0), Combined with ID card recognition technology, Carry out two-way information comparison Identify whether the holder and the document are of the same identity, “the Integration of Man and Certificate” system, assist the certifying party to complete the automatic and rapid document inspection process. The purpose is to prevent counterfeiting, fraud and social stability and security on the basis of real name identity authentication, and to ensure the safety of people’s life and property.

Face Recognition-Access Control System Solution

Face recognition is a biometric technique based on human facial feature information, Good features that are not easy to replicate provide a necessary prerequisite for authentication,

Combining face recognition technology with access control system, face recognition is used as the key to access control, It not only eliminates the trouble of forgetting a key or card, but also saves money, f the personnel change does not need to change the door lock, key, IC card, etc., just need to re-register the face.

Solution of Site Real Name System

The site supervision and management system has been studied in technical channels for many years Based on the needs analysis, RFID card recognition technology, video capture technology, Alarm technology, computer network software technology, Channel gate technology, The system meets the safety prevention needs of production safety.
It is an integrated system which integrates channel management system, monitoring photography, alarm function and so on.

Solution of Electronic Ticketing System

With the development of the times, the management of scenic spots needs a complete set of integrated ticketing management software, Coverage site, Internet, mobile phone mobile terminal, self-help machine and other terminals, Bring advanced experience to tourists; Realize multi-channel ticket purchase: such as on-site ticket purchase, online ticket purchase, mobile phone ticket purchase, self-help machine ticket purchase (pick-up ticket), Good stability and safety considerations, Ensure data and financial security. Strict mechanisms for the allocation of authority and confidentiality, Avoid future losses caused by loopholes.

Solution of Campus Management System

The campus access control system has brought great convenience to the management of school gates, dormitories, libraries and other places that need to be controlled, Not only the invasion of illegal personnel is controlled, but also the time of behavior of legitimate personnel is recorded, To improve the integrated management and management efficiency of the school, Provide a safe and convenient working learning environment for teachers and students.

Intelligent campus is the use of computers, virtualization, The Internet and the Internet of things and other technical ways to teachers, students, managers and school resources to interact with a new way, Integrate campus access control system, student check-in system, early warning system and school resources scientifically and reasonably, Improve the accuracy, flexibility and timeliness of the application, so as to achieve intelligent service management on campus.

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