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Solution of Campus Management System

Solution of Campus Management System

The campus access control system has brought great convenience to the management of school gates, dormitories, libraries and other places that need to be controlled, Not only the invasion of illegal personnel is controlled, but also the time of behavior of legitimate personnel is recorded, To improve the integrated management and management efficiency of the school, Provide a safe and convenient working learning environment for teachers and students.

Intelligent campus is the use of computers, virtualization, The Internet and the Internet of things and other technical ways to teachers, students, managers and school resources to interact with a new way, Integrate campus access control system, student check-in system, early warning system and school resources scientifically and reasonably, Improve the accuracy, flexibility and timeliness of the application, so as to achieve intelligent service management on campus.



Solution for Amusement, Entertainment, theme park.

Education Institution

Solution for Campus, school, university safety access

Construction Site

Solution for Construction management entrance

Office Building

Solution for office building, commercial buildings

Airport Safety

Solution for Governments, Airport Building

Industrial Park

Solution for Industrial System

Visitor Management

Solution for Attraction parkuff0c tourist spot

Transportation Control

Solution for Train station, Metro ,Subway Station

Supermarket Sensor

Solution for Clubs, Gymnasium, Leisure Venues


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