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What are the hardware components and functions of the access swing gate?


What are the hardware components and functions of the access swing gate? Some people have such a question. The swing gate is a commonly used type of access control. The scope of application is relatively wide and the frequency of use is also high. For example, access control swing gates are widely used in: stations, terminals, subways, buildings, intelligent communities, etc. The public institution can control and manage the flow of people very well. Then, what are the components and functions of the hardware structure of the access control swing?

The structure of the swing gate hardware structure is mainly divided into three parts: the swing gate box, the swing gate stopper body and the swing gate movement.

First, the main role of the access control swing box.
1. Protect internal components such as movement and control module, and play a supporting role and aesthetic function.
2, the main material is usually 304 stainless steel or high-quality aluminum alloy, auxiliary materials include plexiglass, tempered glass, resin, stone or wood.
3, the selection of materials generally need to consider sturdy, beautiful, not easy to deform, scratch and scratch resistance, rust and corrosion, easier to process and fix.
4, swinging the chassis shell through the opening, bending, cutting, welding, grinding and other processing procedures: make its appearance more beautiful.

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