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The application analysis of pedestrian turnstile gate in scenic ticketing system
The application analysis of pedestrian turnstile gate in scenic ticketing system

With the development of technology, the pedestrian turnstile gate is widely used in many different industries, like metro stations, supermarkets, scenic spots, and so on. Today let me introduce the application of pedestrian turnstile swing gate, especially the tripod turnstiles.

The features of tripod turnstiles in the scenic ticketing system

The entrance and exit of the entire system manipulate and choose the offline mode to charge, control, and handle. The system has a low operation cost and outstanding expansibility. The system has the advantages of convenient installation, simple debugging, zero protection, powerful function, good expansibility, long service life, and so on., which fundamentally improves plenty of drawbacks in the traditional networked scenic spot channel management system, including high communication cost, high clapping rate, disorderly construction, and large amount of protection work.

The tripod turnstiles information

The applications of tripod turnstiles can realize the requirements of many types of user cards, different rights, and distinctive standards of consumption. The cards can be divided into various categories by the system, like once cards, multi-time cards, VIP cards, ordinary cards, elder cards, children cards, adults cards, fixed deduction fee and no fixed deduction fee, the control of the period of time, and so on., which are really convenient to the passage of the tripod turnstile gate entrance or exit.

The operator card of the scenic spot ticketing system adopts a touch-type IC card, which is used and kept by charging operators. This card is only useful on the exit card reader, is inserted into the back of the card reader face up during duty. Each operator card is corresponding to the designated card reader, and when the user card is brushed on the exit card reader, relevant information (user card type, card number, amount) will be recorded in the operator card. Each operator card can record 15000 passage records and can be summarily (normal release article number, article abnormal release number, paid-in amount, the amount receivable, etc.) recorded in an operator card, the operator regularly holds the card to the management center for settlement.

It can be added or deleted according to the requirement, with the consumption per time, fixed consumption, limited consumption, indefinitely consumption, etc. The system after the computer software can write various instructions into the user card according to the different requirements, and summary accounting.

The hardware facility in the scenic ticketing system

The management system is composed of import and export intelligent card reading ticket boxes and intelligent passage tripod turnstiles. Intelligent ticket boxes adopt the high brightness LED display and non-contact read-write IC card (guide with Philip original chip, read-write frequency 13.56M, the service life of more than 100000 times, and read-write distance of 2 to 6cm) with use. Intelligent three-roller brake is made of imported stainless steel plate, which is beautiful and elegant in shape, rustproof and durable, and can resist the destruction of external forces. With a one-way turn and two-way turn, power down rod, LED direction indication, illegal card alarm, card memory, counting, and display functions.

The functions of scenic ticketing system

The software system is divided into the operator level and supervisor level. Different levels correspond to different codes entering the software system, so the software system has outstanding confidentiality and reliability. Different levels of operators into the software system can complete different functions. Operator level can only complete the basic function; Supervisor level can complete some other functions including operator management, and can correct operator's code; Therefore, the software system has excellent compatibility and material protection. Input, query, change, print data. All kinds of relevant data can be read into the administrator card by the operator above the supervisor level, so as to realize the management of material and all kinds of cards.


Nowadays, the pedestrian turnstile gate is very familiar to everyone in life, and the scenic ticketing system is more intelligent than before. Tripod turnstile manufacturers now gradually emergy on the market with the development of technology. If you need to find security turnstiles manufacturers, the EKI Intelligent with advanced production techniques will be a good choice for you.





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