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Understanding of intelligent full height turnstile gate
Understanding of intelligent full height turnstile gate

Before we go outside the train station, we always should pass through a rotating gate, called a full height turnstile gate. Then how much do you understand about the intelligent full height turnstile gate? Today let us learn some about it.

Classifications of full height turnstile gate

According to the different heights of the arresting body, the full height turnstile door can be divided into full height turnstile (also called full height brake or full height rotary brake) and half-height turnstile (also called half-height rotary brake). The arresting bodies (the gate lever) commonly consist of the shape of "丫" paralleled with the horizontal plane and formed by three or four metal bars (also called three-pole turnstile) or constituted by the shape of "十" (also called cross turnstile), and they are made of hollow closed stainless steel tubes, solid and not easy to deform, through rotation to block and release. Let's have a look at the full height turnstile style: double door full height turnstile, single side full height turnstile, automatic turnstile, manual turnstile, half high automatic turnstile, semi-master turnstile, and so on.

The functions of full height turnstile gate

The full height pedestrian turnstile gate is applied exquisite stainless steel polished finish, with original styles and beautiful appearances. It can effectively control the flow of people, provide limited areas with effective security protection, and be applied to both the outdoor and indoor. It realizes the intelligent control and management of channel through the configuration of various entrance guard equipment, such as remote control, button control, coin systems, IC/ID card control system, fingerprint, palm print, face, or other biological recognition systems, reliable safety guard device, and real-time alarm system.

With many alternative work modes, it can not only read cards in double directions to control the flow of people but also read cards on a single side and block or release people on another side. After the legal passage signal is sent, if no person passes through the channel within ruled time, the system will automatically control the turnstile to return the original position, deleting this passage with no calculation. If the system is in trouble or there is an illegal passage, the turnstile gate with a card reader will cause the arresting bodies to not return to the original blocking position, and the system can automatically control the poles to return to the original position if surpassing the ruled time.

The advantages and disadvantages of the full height turnstile barrier


  1. The security of full height turnstile is the highest in all turnstile gates. It is the only one that can realize unattended operation among all turnstiles.
  2. It can effectively achieve the only one person passing through at one time with high security and reliability.
  3. With strong waterproof and dustproof, it possesses a powerful adaption to environments and is applied to the outdoor and indoor.


  1. The passage wide (refer to the permissible wide for people to pass through) is commonly small, generally about 510mm.
  2. The slowest speed of passage.
  3. Covering large space.
  4. The Figurablity of the appearance is not strong, and most of the style of beauty is insufficient.
  5. High cost, long cycle length, and installation troublesome.


In the summary of all characteristics of the full height turnstile gate, it is mainly applied to the occasions of high confidentiality, highly resistance to violence, and the unattended, such as the gym, prison, side entrance of the community, side door of the factory, military region, and other passageway management.


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