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What equipment does the alpr requires?
What equipment does the alpr requires?

Research shows that the Automatic License Plate Recognition System (abbreviated alpr) has become more and more preferred by drivers and the parking lot operator. The intelligent functions of the license plate recognition system can make vehicles pass through quickly and avoid stuck traffic and queuing of users during rush hours. Using the license plate numbers as evidence of entry and exit improves the security of parking vehicles and solves the bug of charge. It can save the management of cards and avoid the problem that users forget to bring their cards. Then, although there are so many functions of the license plate recognition system, what equipment is it constituted of?

The common equipment

The equipment composition of the automatic number plate recognition system is the same as the original parking lot system, including the intelligent barrier gate, barrier gate controlling machine, ground sense coil, vehicle detector, electronic signs, surveillance camera, and parking lot management computer. The biggest differences between the two are video identification and no card fetching, which requires the higher functions of the parking lot surveillance camera and barrier gate controlling machine. Then, EKI will introduce the core components of license plate recognition equipment.

The core equipment

  1. The surveillance camera. Different from the function of an ordinary parking lot image contrast camera, this surveillance camera is applied to the exclusive parking lot license plate recognition, adopting high-speed DSP embedded intelligent hardware and anpr software and completing some complicated computer image processing technologies, such as the video capture, image preprocessing, license plate testing, license plate segmentation, character recognition, image compression, data transmission, etc. The speed of the system identification is fast with high reliability. The equipment can recognize the license plate on the input two-way video respectively. According to the different engineering application scenarios, the two-way video can be optional mode recognition of the headstock or tailstock, which do not affect each other.
  2. Fill-in light. License plate recognition has a pretty high requirement for the on-site environment of the parking lot. Inevitably, there will be a lack of light. The fill-in light can ensure enough light for the license plate recognition camera and can be managed to capture the license plate.


The differences from the ordinary parking lot system are that the license plate recognition system has a higher requirement for the surveillance camera and needs a fill-in light. Of course, the alpr needs to match with the parking lot system to finish the users' actual solutions according to the on-site environment and requirement. For more about the license plate recognition system, Standard Car Parking System, or other turnstile gates, please contact EKI Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd that is a good manufacturer for cooperation. (



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