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What functions does the high speed gate of office buildings have?


Nowadays, some edifices and office buildings almost all apply the high speed gate for managing the passage of personnel, in order to better manage the circulation of personnel. Then what functions do the high speed logic gates have? Let Guangzhou EKI Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd introduce to you.

Preventing people from illegal breaking into and collision

The high speed and gate have a lot of effective recognition devices for shooting, and every shooting can correctly record the position you are at the gate, judging anyone who is invalidly intruding. When someone shows unqualified or fake certificates, our testing device can locate your position in front of the gate, and prevent you from illegally breaking into it. And someone may try to trail others. When the gate is opening but not closed, the person wants to break into, then the swing arms of the speed gate will stop at a half-open condition. Whatever it is the invalid certificate or tailing, there are sounds and lights in our turnstile to remind the users and safety guards. As for the alternative terms, the passage of the gate can be added with other devices such as output notification, long-distance alarm, video, and so on.

Fire linkage

The speed gates are safe and reliable. When they come into the emergencies of power failure and fire, the urgent input is triggered off, and their swing arms will be loosened and open, people can slightly push them and freely go. The swing arms won't be closed and refreshed until the emergency is solved. If the emergency is the fire alarm, the block leaves can be open towards the exit, people can run quickly to the outside. After the fire alarm is stopped, the block leaves will be closed, and speed gates return to working condition.

The ways of the passage of speed gates

The passage speed is really swift and the speed of the turnstile opening is twice higher than the ordinary turnstile. The way of passage is controlled by two directions, reading the card in, and sense out. Some it is required reading the card in, but freely sense out, because the users can go out without any valid certificates in some circumstances. In addition, there is a free mode. At some spots and during a certain period of time, people can freely come and go, but after a period of time, the passageway will be controlled.

The memory function of speed gates

It can memorize many valid cards in a short time, keep the passage open, and closed until these corresponding people have passed. Of course, the condition of users passing must be conformed with the directions of reading cards and the open swing arms, or it will touch off the conditions of alarm. Another quick-pass refers to that during the closing process of blades, once read it valid cards, it will immediately be open and stop closing, allowing people to pass. The next user doesn't need to swipe his card after waiting for the complete passage of the people in front of him, and the gate is closed, which greatly improves the passage rate. It takes 35 to 45 people to pass per minute at the fastest.

The above are the functions of the office building high speed gate. If you want to know further information, please contact EKI Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

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