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What is the maintenance of an automatic revolving door
What is the maintenance of an automatic revolving door

As an automatic revolving door that can be seen everywhere in life, automatic revolving doors have been more and more widely used in various buildings, and the products included are also very many. Automatic two-wing revolving doors, automatic three-wing revolving doors, and automatic four-wings Revolving doors and automatic crystal revolving doors, etc., because this kind of door is almost "all year round" always working, so we should pay more attention to repair and maintenance like our own car. Today, Dadao Baifenbai will give you a brief introduction to how to repair and maintain the general type of automatic revolving doors.
1. Regularly check the automatic revolving door to ensure the operation
Even if you choose to use a high-performance automatic revolving door, if the planned functions and performance cannot be used in daily use, and there are many failures, a failure in an opening will affect the overall building effect. Therefore, the automatic revolving door of the automatic revolving door must be regularly checked to ensure its smooth operation to maintain its years of use.
2. Limit the failure of the automatic revolving door to a minimum

According to the different places, some automatic revolving doors have to rotate thousands of times per day, which makes all automatic revolving doors must be in high-speed operation at all times. In addition to the selection of high-quality automatic revolving doors during installation, maintenance of automatic rotation Door, it is also necessary to control the fault to a minimum. Because the whole automatic revolving door is consistent, even a small fault will affect the whole. Even if there is a small fault, if it is found to be repaired in time, it will not make the fault larger and cause greater losses.
For example, due to the drying of the belt, the friction with the driving wheel and the driven wheel occurs, and the abnormal noise occurs, and the belt is easy to break, which will cause the automatic revolving door to stop. So how to solve this problem? At this time, the butter on the belt can be solved;
For another example, there may be foreign objects in the guide rails, which makes the automatic revolving door wheels produce abnormal noise during operation, and also accelerates the wear of the automatic revolving door wheels. This can be solved by checking and removing foreign objects and removing faults; there are many such problems. . These are some small problems that can be solved through regular inspections. But if it is not resolved, it may cause more serious problems.
In order to prevent malfunctions during the use of automatic revolving doors, maintain good operation performance, and ensure safety, automatic revolving door maintenance must be planned. However, under normal circumstances, the place where the automatic revolving door is used may not have professional personnel to regularly perform automatic revolving door maintenance, and ordinary electricians without professional automatic revolving door maintenance training may not be able to find these abnormal phenomena. It is possible that the accessories will be damaged due to improper maintenance. If such maintenance is done, it will not be done, but it will increase your cost. We recommend that friends who use automatic revolving doors can choose a company with a professional after-sales team for automatic revolving doors. maintenance.

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