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Turntile access control should blend in seamlessly with the flow and movement of people entering and leaving buildings. While barriers and turnstiles are meant to keep people out of buildings, they should be as accessible as possible for those with access.

As an introduction to turnstile access control technology, we have collected some basics.

What is a Turnntable?

Access control turntiles are used to regulate entry to specific buildings and areas. These turnstiles can be set up one-by-1. Turntile gates usually require very little power and can therefore be installed with a safe operating voltage. Unmanned turnstile systems can also be programmed to grant access only to persons with specific credentials or security information.


Turntile gates act as the barrier hardware that admits or denies access. Access control turntiles can be installed in different sizes depending on their location.

Turnstile systems are surprisingly versatile. You can switch between turnstile operating modes to change the function. This includes allowing passage in one direction and allowing passage in both. It also allows you to lock both directions to allow for free passage in either or both directions. The lock chamber access mode provides additional security by adding video or biometric verification to the turnstile.


Turntile gate entry systems are becoming more sophisticated as automated technologies improve. There are many options for turnstile barrier types that can be used to control access to different areas. Additionally, the turnstiles can be connected to other security systems or peripherals to confirm entry permission.


Waist height pedestrian turnstiles gates: These are the most commonly used access control turnstiles. They can be either a revolving tripod or rising arm. Some turnstiles at waist height require that access be granted. Others, such as tripod barriers, require that the person passing through push the barrier to the side. Other types open automatically to allow access.

Full height pedestrian turntile gates: This gate is more difficult to use without clearance and offers a higher level in security. Traditional revolving gates offer access control. This is done by restricting who can enter and exit.

Optical pedestrian turningtiles: These turntiles can regulate access without any type of physical barrier. They are equipped with infrared light beams to monitor who passes through the turnstile using their ID cards and badges. The system will signal or raise an alarm if an optical turnstile detects unauthorised access.

Barriers with lifting boom arms that control vehicle access: Vehicles can be controlled from turnstiles by barriers with lifting boom arms. These arms prevent vehicles from moving in and out car parks, toll roads, or bridges. These arms can have chain or ladder-style barrier skirts which prevent pedestrians from ducking under the vehicle turnstiles.


Biometric: Biometric turnstiles are open to applicants who have specific and distinctive traits such as fingerprinting or iris recognition.

Barcode / magnetic Stripe: In order to use this type turntile gate, you will need to scan and present an ID card or badge.

Proximity readers - Proximity readings work in a similar fashion to barcode and magnetic stripe readers. They can'read' any ID card or badge that is near them, without the user ever having to insert it.

Keypads: The key pad turnstile gates are activated when the user enters a PIN or access number.


Access control systems may be used in any place where pedestrian or vehicular flow is controlled. Turnstile gates aren't just for building security. There are other reasons and uses for this type access control. Turntile gates are used by offices and commercial businesses to monitor visitor access and to manage employees' working hours.

The turnstile access control policy for entertainment venues and leisure facilities might be different. It is used to restrict how many people can move around in one place at once.

Integrated turnstile gates for high-security locations such as airports can provide extra security and passenger separation. Turntile access systems allow you to regain control of your business.

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