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What you should consider EKI Technology for Quality Turnstile Gates?
What you should consider EKI Technology for Quality Turnstile Gates?

Rising Bollards, Barrier Gate

EKI Technology is the professional manufacture of high-standard intelligent pristine sword gates. We're leaders of the assiduity in developing innovative and durable Rising Bollards, full- height turnstile, license plate recognition systems, tire killers, and numerous further products.

Our Swing Barrier Gate is made up of high- quality 304 pristine swords and gives smooth operations and lower noise than the other products in the request. In addition, its swing arms automatically open and closes and it has an audible intimidating function, which gives a redundant safety point to the product.

Turnstile Gates has numerous options, and they're available in different shapes and sizes. We can fulfil the customization request of the client and manufacture the product as per their request. Since 2009 we're largely married to services and delivering our products worldwide. Our gates are a form of gate which allows only one person to pass at a time. The gates are also popularly used to secure entries. We offer the stylish turnstile gate, turnstile door, and Security turnstiles at affordable price.

Our Company has intellectual property rights for some of our core products which further gain the guests' trust in our company. Our products are perfect for recreation premises, construction spots, field safety, artificial spots, caller operation, and much further. Connect to the professional and get the full details of the product with pricing. For further information, you can visit the company sanctioned website.

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